ASEF Kicks off


On 26 November, 2015, nine shipbuilding entities got together to establish an organisation called Active Shipbuilding Experts' Federation, or ASEF for short.

ASEF is open to entry of shipbuilding associations, or shipbuilding entities who are established to a degree that can represent the countries where they belong, and they are tasked to contribute to various associated technical issues of the maritime industry such as the issues being handled at IMO, ISO and IACS, and will, when ready, aim for acquiring consultative status with IMO. In doing so, it will be the day-to-day activities of ASEF to engage in exchange of technical information and views among the members, or with other related industries, as well as holding Forums taking over the former organisation Asian Shipbuilding Experts' Forum annual routine since 2007.

The founding nine members are:

China Association of the National Shipbuilding Industry
Colombo Dockyard PLC (Sri Lanka)
Shipyards Association of India
Indonesia Shipbuilding and Offshore Industry Association
The Shipbuilders' Association of Japan
Korea Offshore & Shipbuilding Association
Association of Marine Industries of Malaysia
Thai Shipbuilding and Repairing Association
Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (Vietnam)

ASEF has started its operation with the Inaugural Assembly and Council Meetings held on 26 November, 2015 and during the first three years, the chairmanship will rotate annually among the three top shipbuilding associations, i.e. The Shipbuilders' Association of Japan, Korea Offshore & Shipbuilding Association and China Association of National Shipbuilding Industry in that order, to establish rudiments of ASEF and achieve the most suited framework of operation after the first three years.

Activities in the initial year are featured by the Technical Working Group established by the Council and the Group will select the important topics associated with strategic policies to be able to make contributions to the shipbuilding industry as well as the related industries.

The information on the organisation and contacts are described overleaf.



(For the first year 2015 – 2016)

c/o The Shipbuilders' Association of Japan
15-12 Toranomon 1-chome. Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001, Japan

Telephone: +81-3-3580-1566 (dedicated ASEF Secretariat number)
Fax: +81-3-3580-1633 (dedicated ASEF Secretariat fax number)
Web site:

Shigeru Murayama (Chairman, The Shipbuilders' Association of Japan)
(contact – Secretariat in Japan)

Vice Chairman:

Young-Ju Suh (Executive Vice Chairman, Korea Offshore & Shipbuilding Association)
(contact – Korea Offshore & Shipbuilding Association)

Vice Chairman:

Mingjun Chen (Vice Chairman, China Association of National Shipbuilding Industry)
(contact – China Association of National Shipbuilding Industry)

Council Member:
Peng Jin (contact – China Association of National Shipbuilding Industry)
Daisuke Kiuchi (contact – Secretariat in Japan)
Sa-Joon Kang (contact – Korea Offshore & Shipbuilding Association)

Secretary General: Dave Iwamoto (contact Secretariat in Japan)

Accredited Persons (technical):
O Kitamura (contact Secretariat in Japan)
Jiameng Wu (contact China Association of National Shipbuilding Industry)
Jong-Kap Lee (contact Korea Offshore & Shipbuilding Association)

Contact for China Association of National Shipbuilding Industry
  Telephone – +86-10-5951-8756
  E-mail –
Contact for Korea Offshore & Shipbuilding Industry
  Telephone – +82-2-2112-8051
  E-mail –