What's privacy?

ASEF (hereafter "we") recognize the visitors' personal data as important information concerned with their privacy, and it is our social responsibility to pay maximum attention to the management of the information in question. The visitors who visit to our website can use most of the services without disclosing the personal data. In addition, visiting to our website does not lead to a leakage of the personal data. However, there are some services which you can use only when you offer the personal data. Therefore, we all deal with the visitors' personal data which we draw from our Internet Information Server under the following "Privacy protection policy" so that the visitors might enjoy our website without worry.

Privacy protection policy

1. We will obey the law of private protection and other norms, revising the contents of the privacy protection policy properly in order to improve it.

2. When we ask the visitors to offer the personal data, we will let them know its purpose in advance, and will never use the offered information for unintended purposes.

3. When we collect and use the personal data the visitors offer, which is something identifying individuals such as address, name, company name, telephone number, and E-mail address, we will strictly manage it. Even if the information does not identify individuals, we will do the same for fear that it might identify the individuals in being checked against other information.

4. We will establish the internal rule, conduct the practical security measures, and prevent the danger of the illegal access to personal data, the loss and manipulation of personal data, and the leak of personal data from growing.

5. We will not let others know the personal data offered by the visitors except under the following conditions.

● when we get agreement from the visitors
● when we are requested to disclose the data by law
● when we regard the data as necessary to the consignee in order to offer our service which the visitors need (In this case, under the contract, we will oblige the consignee to manage the personal data properly. We will prevent the consignee from revealing or reinforming the personal data.)
● when we need to use the personal data for the statistics (e.g. the number of visitor sby sex or by age),in which case the personal data does not identify individuals.

6. We will not delay in deleting the personal data we have when it is not necessary any more after being used.

Modification of the personal data

Please contact us if you need to modify your own personal data which we manage,