2nd ASEF

Summary Questionaire

We have held ASEF forum two times, and ASEF is well under way and what we should perform became clear. 
The member's understanding about ASEF has advanced well and most member's opinion is to push forward ASEF for the establishment of NGO with IMO-Consultative status.
Therefore the respondent of the questionnaire survey was few.
All respondent’s impressions of 2nd ASEF were “very useful” or “useful”.
The reason for the above impressions is following.
1. Discussion Items - GBS
2. Discussion Items - Air Pollution and Ship recycling
3. Discussion Items - PSPC, Ballast Water
4. Forum-Management, Discussion Items - Any other Items


< Replies to the question>
Q1.3 Please tell us freely of your impression for the 2nd ASEF
(1) Asian shipbuilding experts shall meet and discuss current hot issues together in order to reflect our opinions into IMO rule regulations.
(2) Some of the technical presentations were very informative and relevant, however, some were not so good. There was no prior information about special session on GBS after the scheduled session. As such, although I was keenly interested in the same, I could not participate because my return air ticket was already booked on 14 Nov morning. Some more care for the management of information would have been helpful.
Q2. Please recommend us possible items to be discussed at the Next Forum
(1) The role, structure and management system of NGO (to IMO)
(2) GBS
(4) More discussion on the means and ways to deal with the GBS issues by Shipbuilders.
(5) Explore the possibility of collaborative research project among countries/institute on specific technical issues.
(6) Issues related to the future functional relationship between shipbuilders and class societies particularly in view of the GBS should be addressed.
Q3. On the 2nd ASEF in Korea, we resolved with one consent that ASEF will explore the establishment of NGO with IMO-Consultative status. During next ASEF, 3rd ASEF inChina, we would like to discuss the matter of NGO ASEF, the structure of NGO ASEF, the times to make application for NGO and so on. Please propose us the matter of NGO ASEF for discussion.(An approval of the each government is imperative for NGO to be approved as IMO. So, please reply after consulting with related government agency, if you conclude that it is necessary.)
Q3.1 After the discussion in 3rd ASEF, we will make our highest efforts that ASEF will explore the establishment of NGO with IMO-Consultative status as the secretariat.What is the most significant obstacle to establish NGO with IMO-Consultative status in your country? (Ex. to be approved by Government, to be a strict budget and so on)
(1) The major obstacle is the participants and governments have no idea on what the NGO will be. Its role, structure and management system. what benefit they get by joining it.
(2) Personnel
(3) Budget
(4) In this respect there is a necessity to work out a clear strategy on how ASEF can complement the representation of the respective Government administrations in the IMO. Duplication of effort may create problems. It is essential to justify as to why certain issues need to be raised through ASEF instead of directly by Government representatives at the IMO,
Q3.2 What do you need to conquer the obstacle that you have written in Q3.1?
(1) To educate each country government on NGO.
(2) To run ASEF to be successful and enjoyable forum first.
(3) The mind of CEO of member companies should be changed.
(4) Being a representative of class society I personally have only the observer status at ASEF officially. However, I can apprise the concerned Government department about the development in ASEF.
Q3.3 The main members of NGO ASEF will be the shipbuilders. Please tell us the concrete proposal or request for the management system of NGO ASEF (ex. the Governing Body and so on).
(1) The Governing Body should be JSTRA which has enough personnel, budget, andcompetence[y1] .
(2) I think , representatives of the National Shipbuilding Forum of each country with the consent, support and clear understanding of the Govt. administration should join together to form the group NGO- ASEF to represent in IMO to ensure that the views and interests of shipbuilders be duly accounted for in formulation of maritime rules and regulations.

 [y1](Opinion not from Japan (Note by Secretariat))
Q4. Other Comments and/or Requests for the Next Organizer (2009-China)
(1) I prefer the meeting be held during first week of November or during December end , else it becomes very close to other important international maritime meeting e.g. IMO-MSC meeting.