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The 7th Asian Shipbuilding Experts' Forum

Thursday, 7 and 8 November 2013

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Plenary Day 1

1.  Opening address

     Mr.Akira Matsuda, Chairman, JSTRA

2.  Welcome speech

     Mr. Shigeru Murayama, Vice Chairman, SAJ / President, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.(KHI)

3.  Keynote speech

     'Recent development of maritime rules and the roles of ASEF'

     Mr. Norihisa Fukuda, Chairman of Technical Affairs Committee, SAJ / Director, Mitsui Engineering

     Co., Ltd.(MES)

4.  Report of the correspondence group on IMO-NGO issue

     Mr. Bin Okamura, Coordinator of the CG on IMO-NGO issue

5.  Report of the correspondence group on IHM

     Mr. Muneharu Toyota, Coordinator of the CG on IHM    

6.  Presentation by the representative of Association of Asian Classification Societies (ACS)

     'ACS activities and future direction related to IMO'

     Dr. Toshiro Arima, General Manager of External Affairs Division, ClassNK

7.  Presentation by the rep representative of Asian Shipowners' Forum (ASF)

'Recent issues for International Shipping'

     Mr. Yuich Sonoda, Secretary General, ASF

8.  Presentation by Asian Shipbuilding Industry 'Current situation of Colombo Dockyard'

     Mr. D V Abeysinghe, General Manager Projects & Engineering), Colombo Dockyard PLC


Safety Session

GAS Fuelled Ship

1.  '"EcoNur"' the first LNG fuelled-ship in Asia'

     Mr. Shin Jung Gyu, Korea Offshore and Shipbuilding Association (KOSHIPA)

2.  'Environmentally Superior Vessels with LNG as Fuel; Achievements and Prospects for the Near Future'

     Mr. Takashi Unseki, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Japan

Testing arrangements for watertight compartments

3.  'Introduce on tests of tanks and tight boundaries'

     Mr. Bai Yugang, China Ship Design and Research Centre Co., Ltd., China


4.  ' Consequence Assessment on Harmonized CSR (April version) from Chinese Shipbuilding Industry'

     Mr. Wen Baohua, GreenSeas Marine Technology Co., Ltd., China

5.  'Consequence Assessment of Harmonized CSR by the Shipbuildings' Association of Japan'

     Mr. Toshihiro Fujii, Oshima Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Japan 

6.  'GBS-IPR Development of the Ship Construction File (SCF) industry standards'

     Mr. Kenji Kamita, Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Japan

Liquefaction of bulk cargo

7.  'Introduction of the ClassNK activities for the Safe Carriage of Nickel Ore'

     Mr. Yuki Tamura, ClassNK, Japan


Environment Session  


1.  'On the current correction method of sea trial tests'

     Dr. Myung Soo Shin, Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology, Korea

2.  'Current status on revision work of ISO 15016 for EEDI verification - Conduct and analysis procedure of speed trial - '

     Mr. Tsuyoshi Ishiguro, Japan Marine United Corporation, Japan

Air Pollution

3.  'Effect of SOx and NOx Regulation / Implementation, ECA's and NOx Tier lll / Current Developments in General'

     Mr. Toru Nakano, Hitachi Zosen Corporation, Japan

4.  'Latest technologies for environmental measure in 2 stroke diesel engine'

     Mr. Naohiro Hiraoka, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery & Engine Co., Ltd., Japan


5.  'DSIC Research and Design on Less Ballast Water Ships'

     Mr. Bao Yan, Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Engineering and Research Institute, China

6.  'Application of photo-catalytic technology in ship's ballast water treatment'

     Mr. Zhang Daiyi, 6354 Institute of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, China


Plenary Day 2

1.  Presentation on External relationships of ASEF including IMO's FSSS

     Mr. O Kitamura, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., SAJ

2. Report of the Safety Session

     Mr. Wu Jiameng, MARIC

3.  Report of the Environment Session

     Mr. Choi Byeong-cheol, KOSHIPA

4.  Announce on the next annual conference of ASEF

     Mr. Kang Sa-Joon, Managing Director of KOSHIPA, Host of the 8th ASEF

5.  Conclusion of the 7th ASEF

     Mr. Dave Iwamoto, Chair of the 7th ASEF

6.  Closing address

     Mr. Nobuyoshi Aikawa, President, JSTRA