6th ASEF

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                                    The 6th Asian Shipbuilding Experts' Forum
                                               Thursday 22nd November 2012

1. Opening Address by Chairman of CANSI
     Mr. ZHANG Guangqin, Chairman of CANSI

2. The Latest Development of International Regulations & Standards
     Mr. Zhong Chenkang (CCS)

3. Current Development of Shipbuilding Technology
     Mr. Dave (Hiroshi) IWAMOTO (IHIMU)

4. Recent Technology Trend on Green Ships
     Mr. VAN Suak-ho (MOERI)

5. The Technological Trend for Bulk Carrier
     Mr. WANG Ban (SSC TREDI)

Session 1 for Safety issue
1. Shipbuilders’ Perspective on the application of IACS Harmonized CSR
     Mr. Hiroshi NEGAYAMA (SHI-ME)

2. Preliminary Consequence Assessment on Harmonized CSR from Chinese Shipbuilding Industry
     Ms. ZHANG Fan (MARIC)

3. Development of SCF (Ship Construction File) Industry Standards
     Mr. Shigeru TANAKA (MES)

4. Study on the Risk-Based Methodology for Ship Structural Design
     Mr. CHOUNG Choung-Ho (KR)

Noise on Board
1. Technical Practices for Revision as Mandatory Rule of the IMO Resolution A.468 for Noise
     Mr. KIM Sung-hoon (HHI)

2. The design technique of cabins noise control on the merchant ship
     Mr. WU Wenwei (CSIC-CSSRC)

Polar Code
1. Brief Instruction about IMO Polar Code
     Mr. BAI Yugang (CSDC)

Session 2 for Environment issues
1. Technical issues of EEDI regulation to be clarified by shipbuilders -hydrodynamics point of view-
     Mr. Tsuyoshi ISHIGURO (IHIMU)

2. Hydrodynamic Optimization for Energy Efficient Ship Design
     Mr. KIM Sung-pyo (DSME)

3. EEDI Friendly 82K Bulk Carriers R & D
     Mr. LI Lu (SDARI)

1. Movement of establishing a Guideline for risk assessment of active substances in BWMS on the PSPC coating system (updated information)
    Mr. Hideo OBATA (Namura)

2. Yard Experience of Coping with IMO BWT Convention
     Mr. ZHANG Enguo (DSIC)

Air Pollution
1. Concept Design of LNG Bunkering Ship
     Mr. Shohei KOBAYASHI (KHI)

2. NOx Reduction Technologies for 2-stroke Diesel Engines to Meet IMO Tier Ⅲ
     Mr. Takahiro FUJIBAYASHI (Hitachi Zosen)

3. Environmental friendly ship including SCR System
     Mr. SUNG Seung-un (SHI)

                                              Thursday 23rd November 2012

Introduction of ACS, ASF, Thailand and Indonesia
1. Introduction of ACS and its activity
     Dr. Yoneya Takuya (ACS)

2. Brief introduction of Asian Shipowners' Forum
     Mr. Yuichi Sonoda(ASF)

3. Shipbuilding Industry in Thailand
     Mr. Wasin Wacharapinyo(AMSP)

4. Shipbuilding Industry in Indonesia
     Mr. Kaharuddin Djenod (IPERINDO)

Report of IHM CG and ASEF-NGO CG
1. Report of IHM CG by CG Coordinator
     Mr. Muneharu TOYOTA (IHI MU)

2. Report of ASEF-NGO CG Coordinator
     Mr. Bin OKAMURA (JSTRA)

Summary of Session 1 and Session 2
1. Summary of Session 1(Safety) by Coordinator
     Mr. CHOI Byeong-cheol (KOSHIPA)

2. Summary of Session 2(Environment) by Coordinator
     Mr. Dave (Hiroshi) IWAMOTO(IHIMU)