5th ASEF


Conclusion Review on the 5th Asian Shipbuilding Experts’ Forum
2nd December, 2011
1.   The 5th ASEF was held on the 1st-2nd December in Busan, Korea. The Korea Shipbuilders’ Association (Koshipa) hosted this ASEF, and Shipbuilders’ Association of Japan (SAJ) and Japan Ship Technology Research Association (JSTRA) and China Association of the National Shipbuilding Industry (CANSI) co-hosted as well.
2.   About 120 experts from 9 Asian countries including Korea, China, Japan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam participated. Most participants are from shipbuilding industries, classification societies, research institutes and equipment manufactures.
3.   The chairman of Association of Asian Classification Societies announced that ACS and ASEF will lend valuable insights into the industry developments to come up with solutions to meet technicalchallenges at the right place at the right time.
4.   At this forum, three themes focused on the global rules and standards especially by ISO and IMO were presented by CANSI, KR and Koshipa respectively.
5.   In parallel, two sessions were arranged for in-depth discussion. Session 1 mainly covered the issues for maritime safety such as GBS, IACS CSR-H, Tank testing and Noise on board. Session 2 dealt with the agenda of environment and security issues including BWMS, Anti-piracy, EEDI and Air pollution from ships
6.   In Session 1, chaired by Mr. Iwamoto from SAJ, following issues on safety covering topics of (1) Goal-Based Standards (GBS), (2) Harmonized Common Structural Rules (CSR-H), (3)Water Tightness Testing, and (4) Noise on Board were covered.
A.   In Goal-Based Standards, discussed Ship Construction File, dealing with the intellectual property rights protection measures and the long term challenge of the GBS based on Risk Based Approach
B.      Regarding IACS Harmonized CSR, dealt with the on-going progress casting doubts of slower progress. And action is being taken by shipbuilders to ensure that concerns are discussed.
C.   On Water Tightness Testing, covered the recent IACS’s appeal to revise the existing SOLAS. And Shipbuilders expressed their support to IACS proposal.
D.   Regarding Noise On board, tackled on the regulatory framework of the on-going revision work and the key issues related to the regulatory changes at IMO DE.
7.   In Session 2, chaired by Mr. In-gyu Lee from Koshipa, outstanding experts touched on Environment & Security issues consists of four topics, Ballast water management system, Anti-piracy, EEDI and Air pollution from ships.
A.   For Ballast Water Management System topic, presentations focused on the harmonization evaluation, risks of BWMS and recent development of BWMS in China respectively.
B.   On Anti-Piracy, introduced DAPS (DSME Anti-Piracy Systems) consisting of various systems useful for each stage of piracies.
C.   Regarding Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI), current EEDI application, verification and related technical issues such as EEDI correction factors and speed correction methods were introduced and participants exchanged their views.
D.   On Air pollution matters, introduced various regulations for prevention of air pollution, especially for Sox and Nox reduction. And counter measures for reduction technologies werealso presented.
8.   Experts from both Bangladesh and Sri Lanka made presentations on the status of each country’s shipbuilding industry. The former highlighted Bangladesh shipbuilding industry: Aims to fly high and the latter introduced Colombo Dockyard PLC.
9.   The coordinators from two CGs established at the previous ASEF for IHM and IMO NGO, 4th ASEF in Kyoto, made following-up as to what discussed at each CG meeting held 30th Nov separately.
10.Lastly, CANSI expressed its intention to host the 6th ASEF in Guangzhou, China in Nov. 2012.


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