5th ASEF

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(Thursday) 1st December 2011


1. ISO/TC8-Bridge with IM

(Mr. Yangqing Lee, Vice Charman of ISO/TC8, Deputy Secretary-General of CANSI)


2. ISO/TC8-Management and new projects

(Dr. Sei chang lee, Chairman of ISO/TC8/SC8, Vice President of KR)


3. Curent IMO regulatory developments with regard to shipbuilding industry

(Mr. Sa joon Kang, Executive director of KOSHIPA)



Session 1 for safety issue 


1. Development of SCF industry standard by SAJ

(Mr. Tukichi Takaoka, SAJ - Kawasaki H.I)


 2. Risk-based design for ship safety 

(Dr. Jong kap Lee, KORDI)



1. What effect would CSR-H have from the viewpoint of the shipbuilding industry ?

(Mr. Jiameng Wu, Marine Design & Research Institute of China)


2. Shipbuilders' perspective on the development of CSR-H

(Mr. Kota Shibasaki, SAJ-Universal Shipbuilding)


Tnank Testing

1. Testing of watertight compartments

 (Mr. Gil young Han, KR)


2. Tesing of watertight compertments

 (Mr. O Kitamura, SAJ-MHI)


Noise On board

1. Code on Noise Levels on Board Ship - Key issue on revision of the Code -

 (Mr. Kunihiko Kitabayashi, JSTRA)


2. The amendments to the code on noise onboard ship & the impact on the industry

 (Mr. Wenwei Wu, China Ship Scientifie Research Center)



Session 2 for environment & security issue


1. Co-evolution in BWMS; Sampling and analysis / G8 & g9 / Compliance and PSC

 (Prof. Ki tae Rhie, Kyung Hee University, Member of GESAMP BWWG)


2. Establishing a guideline for risk assessment of active substances in BWTS on PSPC

(Mr. Hideo Obata, SAJ-Namura Shipbuilding)


3. Development of BWMS 

(Mr. Hongtian Fu, Sunrui Marine Environment Engineering Company)



 1. Studies to protect avessel from prirates

(Mr. Se il Park, KOSHIPA-ASME) 



1. Thinking in EEDI trial application & verification of CANSI

(Mr. Jie Lin, Shanghai Merchant Ship Design & Research Institute of CSSC) 


2. Verification of EEDI at final stage, task and future direction

(Mr. Tsuyoshi Ishiguro, SAJI-IHI MU)


3. The technical issue on EEDI application

(Mr. Gyoung yup Shin, KOSHIPA-Samsung H.I) 


Air Pollution

1. Reccent discussion on air pollution from ship at IMO

 (Mr. Hoj jun Kim, KR)





(Friday) 2nd December 2011


The current status of Asian shipbuilding industry 

1. The status of Bangladeshi shipbuilding industry

  (Mr. Khorshed Alam, Director of Cambridge Maritime College, CMC)


2. The status of Sri Lanka shipbuilding industry

(Mr. Yoshihiro Kijima, Director of Colombo Dockyard PLC)


Following-up CGs

1. Following-up,  CG for standardization of IHM

 (Mr. Muneharu Toyota, SAJ - IHIMU)


2. Following-up,  CG for consultative status of IMO - NGO

 (Mr. Bin Okamura, Coodinator, CG on IMO-NGO issue) 


Summary of Session  

1.Sammary of Session 1

 (Mr. Dave Iwamoto, SAJ) 


2. Sammary of Session 2

(Mr. In gyu Lee, KOSHIPA)