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The 8th Asian Shipbuilding Experts' Forum

Thursday, 27 and 28 November 2014

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27th Nov. (Thu)

Plenary Session


・ Opening address

・   Keynote Speech by Mr. Shin Jong


1.  Theme presentation - New Challenges on shipbuilding industry


1-1 Theme Presentation 1 - Green ship by Mr. Qian Xinnan

1-2   A Contribution of the Shipbuilders in Japan toward Renewable Energy Development By Dr. Imakita Akihiko

1-3  Smartship - the future of maritime innovation - by Mr. Cho Sung-Woo


2.  Current situation of Asian Maritime Industry


2-1  Asian Shipbuilding Experts' Forum by Mr. Tasuku Hirabara 

2-2   ASF Activities By Mr. Shin Harry(Kwang Ho)

2-3  ACS activities and future direction related to IMO By Mr. Matsunaga Masaki


Session 1 - Safety


1.  CSR-H

2-1  Safe anf Flexible SCF Archive Center Based on Cloud Service By Mr. Son Myeong-Jo

2-2  GBS-Ship Construction Files By Mr. Kamita Kenji.pdf

3.  Tank Testing

4.  Intruduction to ClassNK Archive Center By ClassNK

5.  The world 1st LNG-Fuelled Containership By Mr. Yoo Byeong-Yong

6.  LNG Fuel by Mr. Kim Ki-Dong

7. Summary of the safety session_2014


 Session - 2 Environment


1-1.  Deveolpemt & application for the sea trial analysis program(i-STAP) based on IMO guidelines under discussion By Dr.Lee Tae-il

1-2.  GHG EEDI by Mr. Koutaku Yamamoto

2.  E-Navigation by Mr. Meng Fanbin

3-1.  Shipping Noise - Regulation and Techinal Issues by Dr. Park Cheol-Soo

3-2.  Measurement of Underwater Sound Source Levels from Ships by CSSRC 

3-3.  Underwater Noise from Commercial Shipping by Mr. Kitamura O


28th Nov. (Fri)

Plenary Session




3. Asian Shipbuilding Focus - the status of Malaysian maritime industries


・ Overview of Malaysia's shipbuilding / ship repairing industry by Mr. Nazery Khalid of AMIM


4. CG report on IMO NGO issue


・   Final Report of the CG on IMO-NGO issue to the 8th ASEF

・  Suggestion made by the IMO-NGO Correspondence Group (CG) Members on the draft Charter of new Organization developed by the CG


5. Wrap-up and report of the 8th ASEF


・  Conclusion and Report of the 8th ASEF(20141201)